Place Doesn't Show In Project

I have created a new ‘place’ by importing a KML file and then manually editing a part of the lower boundary. This new place is called “Rainford Ward, St Helens, Merseyside” - see here:

When I create a project and type in “Rainford Ward” into the “Include Places” entry box the place does NOT appear in the drop-down. I have tried typing in various combinations of words from the name and single words from the name but still the place does not show.

Can anyone tell me where I have gone wrong or how I get the place into a project ??

The projects I have tried to add the place to are: “Wildlife of Rainford, Merseyside” and “Birds of Rainford, Merseyside”.

Many thanks for any assistance or pointers you can provide.

Cheers and take care.

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Looks like you got it to work?

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Yes, I got it to work by deleting the boundary, creating a new on in QGIS and exporting as a KML file, and then re-importing the new KML file into iNat. I never did get the edit to add additional area to the original boundary to work.

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