Place or Project?

I have a “Place” that I created with more than 50 verifiable observations. What is the benefit of than creating a “Project” over than same “Place” geographic area?

Projects are easier to use, they will show observations quicker, you also can create posts about the place in the project and new stuff, which could be lost. Plus other people can be members too. I curate projects for some places, posts you made with mentioning observers help getting attention to the place thus getting more observations in the future. (Also when place will have hundreds and thousands obs it will be harder to understand what is where)
Place allows you to add taxons that weren’t observed yet and even those that don’t live on the planet anymore, that’s the main plus of using the place.


Projects often/usually use Places too but new-style Projects are very similar to saved searches so there is not a huge difference (just what’s been said above). It is easier (looks simpler) to send a project link rather than a search link. Projects also allow you to handle restrictions better (such as including only specific taxa).


I echo what others have said above. The main difference to me is if you want to communicate about a set of observation to other people in an accessible way. If so, a project is the way to go. It is basically a customizable saved search with some nifty built-in graphics and tools for communicating with members of the project.

If you are thinking about just something for your own personal work that doesn’t involve community interaction or communicating about it to others, a bookmarked place-based search is probably easier/simpler and will get the job done.


Thanks all, very helpful for understanding.

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