Places not showing on places map

Hi there
I am a bit confused about the organization of places.
When I look at the global map for places I seem to see just some examples- once I have created mine, it does not show on the map with the blue marker. This is a bit confusing as I cannot easily click on the map to access it -nor to check whether there are any places defined around.
Is it this by design, is it a bunch of features to be requested - or am I totally missing the big picture here?
Thanks in advance for your help

As far as I know the only place to see a visual representation of your place in on the home page for that place itself. They don’t appear anywhere else on a map. You can also see it if you do a search for records from that location, if you switch to map view it will be bordered in brown.


I have also noticed that the blue markers for new places appear to be erratic -sometimes a place shows up, in another session it doesn’t.
I’ll have a look in the list of bug reports, then.

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