Places do not show on global or local map

Hello everybody, just a clarification but probably a bug
I am looking at the global map to browse places by location, but it shows marker for just 5 places. Some days ago I found one additional in northern Spain but now it does not show up any longer. The place I created ( does not show up as well and I don’t know whether this is by design or not.

Thanks for your replies in advance

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That page only shows 5 randomly chosen places as an example of their use. You should not expect to see yours there

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Is there any way to see the boundaries of existing places so that one can avoid generating duplicates?

Nothing easy. The best option is likely to find an observation you know is within the place. Open it (on the web site) under the map click details and see what is listed under community curated places.

ok thanks.

The blurb at the bottom of the places page implies that places are supposed to show up on the map:

Click the map to jump to a new place

Blue icons represent political units like countries, states, provinces, counties, and the like, while green icons represent different kinds of open space (parks, reserves). If you zoom in you’ll see more, smaller places.



I have spent a lot of time to create and recreate the place I have defined trying to let it show on the map, just to discover that the map is not functional as advertised.

I feel there is obviously an interface inconsistency here - but I also take it that since this post has been moved from bugs to general talk this is considered something not worth fixing at the moment (even if hiding the general map and/or modifying the places page to remove ambiguity should not be extremely hard) .
Fine, the interface will hopefully be improved motu proprio.


issue 2540 opened on github, let’s see if they fix the description or is a bug of the map

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Link for anyone interested:

I did not put it because I was not sure it was politically correct :blush: kind of self censorship

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