Places to host external images for journal entries

Basically, I just need a place to host some externally generated range maps that I want to reference from an upcoming journal entry since iNat doesn’t have a way of hosting these images. I know there are a lot of image sites out there, and I have experience with none of them, so I am just wondering if people have any recommendations as to what works best for this purpose.



2 Likes is what I use


I have used to host images in draft blogs. Maybe not the best way if one had to sort later or find, but one could name different draft blogs for different purposes. With my latest journal entry I wrote the whole thing into a saved draft then copied the whole html of that and pasted it into my journal. I still need to go back and tweak some alignment but for the most part it worked.


You can try Google Photos. Just upload the range map to an album in your Google Photo account. (Formats can be: BMP, GIF, HEIC, ICO, JPG, PNG, TIFF, WEBP, some RAW files.) Go to the image in Google Photos and select share. Share lets you share the image with specific people or create a link to share the image with anybody who has the link. Paste the link in your journal article. Readers will be able to click the link and see the image. The image will not be in the article but will open as a new tab in their browser. Not sure that’s the presentation format you were looking for, but it works and it’s free.


I use Flickr, although I find it hard to navigate. Have not used it for a while, though.


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