Please, is there a way to copy+paste annotations?

Am I missing something? To have to manually enter the same 3 annotations on all my submissions sure gets old fast.

Go to id tab and it’ll be faster there.

To clarify, it’ll be faster because you can use keyboard shortcuts instead of clicking everything (click the circled keyboard icon in Identify mode to see the shortcuts):

By the way, that keyboard icon is very unintuitive–I thought it was a popup keyboard the way it is in Gmail and some other websites. I only found out about the shortcuts when I saw @tiwane’s wiki about them: But even though the text says that there’s “a handy list of keyboard commands on the bottom left-hand corner”, for some reason, the pop-up in the picture isn’t coming directly out of the keyboard icon, so I didn’t make the connection with the icon or realize that I needed to actually click it (rather than just mouse-over it) until just now.

You can bulk annotate Alive and Adult, but I don’t think you can bulk annotate Cannot be determined for Sex. Details here:

You can also bulk annotate observations before you upload them using observation fields (but it has to match exactly to automatically carry over).

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