Please, please return the search function to the previous format!

Dear web designers,

I post a lot on iNaturalist (nearly 6,000) and love everything about the site. As the data base has grown, I have used the search function more and more often to help identify both the common and rare across the world.

Today, March 1, the format changed, and not for the better. When I enter a specific request, a map now pops up first and then a scroll down column of too small photos. This is not the least bit helpful to sort through sometimes hundreds of photos.

I’m not sure what the web designers thought this would accomplish, but I truly find it frustrating and not helpful at all. I already spend way too much time on this passion and can ill afford to have the search function more tedious.

Thanks, Pam

Can you share some screenshots and/or URL examples of where you’re referring to?

Since it’s a weekend I don’t think anything major would have changed on the site within the past couple days, and haven’t noticed any changes myself to the search features. Sounds like you might need to press Grid view instead of map view on the Explore page.

Is this what your view looks like now?

If so, it means you accidentally hit the ‘map’ button at some point. To go back to your original view, hit the ‘grid’ button.


Just as I edited my comment :) Thanks, I bet that’s it.

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EDIT: this comment covered by others now:)
I think I know what you mean, encountered it first a few weeks ago I think, and had the same difficulty. I found that it is merely opening in Map view rather than Grid - so not difficult to switch to Grid, though Iwould prefer it open always in grid by default. Is that what’s happening?

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It always opens by default in whatever mode you last used


Thanks, I wondered if that was the case. When it first happened I was barely aware of the Map view, and must have opened it by accident - quite a useful accident, as I then discovered it is often possible for me to view the Pin details in that view, though not possible in other views

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Thank you for your help; pressing the grid button took me back to where I want to be. Sorry for panicking; I was trying to put up lots of sightings from a trip to Thailand. Best, pam


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