Possibility of list of records: uploader-X's ID disagree with your ID

I am identifying Japanese birds, butterflies and dragonflies. I most often just simply give the ID I think fits, with dragonflies and butterflies I often give a reference page outside of Inaturalist.
My assumption is that people may check what i have suggested and confirm or stick to their initial ID’s.

Now I have caused someone to be annoyed by me IDing their records. I suppose that is because he disagrees with my suggestion. A language barrier makes the problem worse.

One more thing: when i am confident I am right, i will often just give my suggestion.
When I am not so sure but think it could well be a species, I often add something like ‘I think’ or ‘I would think’ (when i am less uncertain about it)

Now i really like to know which id’s offend him, but is there a way to see where the uploader’s ID disagrees with your ID?
Sofar I have not even succeeded in seeing all ID’s I have given of his records.

The answer is probably around here somewhere but I can’t find it…sorry

Gerb en

This link shows all the observations I have made that you have added an ID to (it’s zero, but the point is the URL)

just replace my username with the username of the person you’re referring to


ticking this box for the filters at that link should show most of the observations where you disagree (with exceptions for maverick IDs, the user opting out of community ID, etc)


thanks @thebeachcomber.
that list at least shows user’s records that I have put labels on too.
Ok, i had best leave it at that. User and I disagree on some ID’s. No problem.

much obliged!
Ger ben


Often other users confirm one or the other ID and mostly some agreement is reached so our disputed ID’s will not show up in the Need ID box…
In this case there’s only one there. That is an initial user ID to family level, with my species ID added.

I had best let it go, it’s bugged me enough for a sunday morning

thanks again @thebeachcomber


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