Search for disagreeing IDs on my observations?

Sometimes I post an observation, put in an ID, but the next (more expert) person’s ID disagrees with mine, bumping it up to a more general level. I’d like to go back and withdraw my original ID in that case, but I don’t notice it unless I happen to notice that my observation is at a more general level than I originally put it. Is there a way for me to search my own observations for those? I noticed other forum postings about this but (a) clicking the “some disagree” or “most disagree” etc. boxes shown in doesn’t work to find those, (b) nor does the code given in …? I’m wondering if I’m missing a good way to edit the URL “” so that it only shows my observations, and those where someone’s disagreed with my original ID…? Thank you!! (Also, I’m wondering if the issue could be that it’s usually just my ID, and one person disagreeing…? I’m puzzled why the “some disagree” etc. check boxes don’t show me… This is an example of one that I discovered by myself but couldn’t find using the check boxes:

I can’t think of an easy way to search for those types of observations, but maybe someone else can chime in. Normally you will get notified right away when someone disagrees with your IDs. Right now the notifications are very delayed due to the load from the City Nature Challenge. I’m receiving some notifications from ~20 hrs ago right now.

You can also turn off confirming IDs in your account settings to help highlight these disagreeing IDs:

Thanks @bouteloua ! I would be a little sad not to receive “confirming” IDs (as a lay contributor only, it’s a nice reward after posting to see someone “noticing” my observation), but maybe that’s the only way…? The iPhone app does not tell me if the new ID is “disagreeing” with my previous one (I often don’t know if a species-level ID actually disagrees with my original genus-level ID), and the list of notifications just says that someone added an ID, not if the ID disagreed with my original one or not. So I often don’t notice unless someone leaves a GENTLE REMINDER comment that I SHOULD WITHDRAW ORIGINAL ID… ;)

Just a reminder that just because someone adds an ID finer than yours, or even if they leave a note requesting you do so, that you are not required to change your ID if you do not wish to.

For example, I am a poor plant identifier, if one of the professional botanists on the site who work in the province where I live identify one of my plants for me, I will generally defer to them and accept the ID. If however I do not know or recognize the name, I am more likely to leave my original ID unchanged and see if a 2nd person will come along and validate what was submitted.

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This is also something I’d love to see for other new users-- I just got a few of our university students to start using iNat for the CNC for the first time, but then I need to go through and remind them to check each of their observations one by one since they often have IDed it incorrectly initially. Very very common for new users.

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There are data fields in the export interface for “num_identification_agreements” and “num_identification_disagreements”, and also a less-quantitative set of fields in the regular search: “most agree”, “some agree”, and “most disagree”. I don’t think that gets all the way to what you’re asking, but might it help? I’ve been meaning to play with those myself!

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