Private observation visible on country level explore tab or higher

I found this problem on iNat a fews day ago, private observations more likely won’t get identified because they’re not visible on explore tab with specified place.
You must delete the filter and then they will show up, it’s not a big deal for genus level observations but if it’s on family level, then it will more likely to be abandoned
Another problem is when identifying observations of genus that basically hard to identify if the locality is not given. For example, on this observation of Neurothemis sp., i have to ask and guess the locality before making the right choice.

So, i propose a solution for this
Make the private observations visible on explore tab with country level place or higher, i guess this will work and reduce the amount of unidentified observations

Thank you

Certainly something that’s been brought up before, but geoprivacy is already a bit confusing and we chose “private” to mean totally private, as far as location is concerned. I think providing a “private” option that’s not actually private is not a good idea, although I understand there is some impact on identifiability. For those cases, you can vote “No” for “Can the community ID be improved” if the observer does not respond to questions and location is necessary for a more specific ID.

I’m going to close the request as it’s not something we’ll move forward on.