Problem exporting data

Platform: Website

Browser: Firefox & Safari


Screenshots of what you are seeing:

Description of problem:

Step 1: Go to export page

Step 2: create a query with username (kflow010 OR echer021)

Step 3: Create export

This was working before and now will not, it fails every time. User mckelley also tried and it failed.

right now the website is slow. it looks like there are server issues. maybe someone or something is overloading things? i would wait and try later.

just for reference, here’s an example of some error messages that i see when using the website right now:

We’re working on some server issues that just popped up. It’s affecting maps and exports among other things. We’ll try to get them resolved quickly. Maybe for now if anyone sees anything weirdly broken that hasn’t been before - hold off on reporting until later today. Thanks


Thank you for your prompt response.

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