Problem with Edit Observations page search function

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Step 1: On the search function from the Edit Observations page…Enter a date to search for, then press enter…findings will be displayed…next>>>

Step 2: Change day or year and press search again…it will go back to the original first date…no matter what day or year you select it always returns to the original day or year after pressing search.

Step 3: The only way I can get it to search new date is to exit out of the Edit Observations page, as in going to the home page and then go back to the Edit Observations search function page and then it will search a new date… :man_facepalming:t4:

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Seeing the same issue in Chrome on macOS. It looks like the initial day and year values are being stored in hidden attributes in the form and therefore maintained & duplicated as URL parameters between searches.

Form HTML:

See at the end of the URL here:✓&q=&search_on=&quality_grade=any&reviewed=&identifications=any&captive=&geoprivacy=&taxon_geoprivacy=&place_id=&swlat=&swlng=&nelat=&nelng=&not_in_place=&taxon_name=&taxon_id=&day=10&month=8&year=2019&[]=&d1=&d2=&created_on=&site=&tdate=&list_id=&filters_open=true&view=map&day=4&year=2019

Same bug as here, correct?

If so, there’s an existing github bug report:

Yes, looks to be the same bug.
Thanks for the heads up on using the list view on the Explore page. The search function there serves my purpose well. I think I am going to like it better than the search on the Edit Observations page.

OK, I’m going to close this bug report to focus discussion on the existing one.