Problem with observations from Turkey on web app

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Browser Chrome

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Description of problem
I am posting multiple observations from a visit to Turkey (the country). When I add the observation using Chrome on my Windows 10 computer, no matter what kind of plant/animal I add, after a few seconds it sets the “species name” to “Wild Turkey” ( Meleagris gallopavo). So I have to X that out to add my selection, or to do a search. This isn’t a big bug, but it certainly is annoying.

Do you have the word “Turkey” in the filename of the images you are uploading? The filename is scanned automatically to find potential ID of the species.


… or in the EXIF “title” or “keywords” fields, or perhaps in other metadata embedded in the photo? I’m not sure which other fields are scanned for species names.


Yes, it’s almost certainly one of the above issues with iNat reading your filenames. This is a convenience feature of iNat, but can cause issues for users who name files with something iNat recognizes/parses as an organism. You can test by renaming a file/editing any suspect exif fields and uploading again to see if it fixes the issue. You can then bulk rename/edit the exif of photos to upload as needed.

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Incidentally, a couple of years ago Turkey notified the UN that they would like to change their official name in English to “Turkiye” (according to the state broadcaster this was partly to avoid “pejorative associations with the bird of the same name”). If you’ve bought any Turkish-made product since 2021, you’ll see it says “Made in Türkiye” on the label. So this presents you with a simple solution to the issue: put “Turkiye” rather than “Turkey” in your filenames.

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