Problem in file name matching during upload

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Step 1: take a bunch of pictures using a camera that names them on the memory card as ASA_12345.jpg, ASA_12346.jpg, etc.

Step 2: use the uploader to make observations of these pictures

Step 3: the uploader will identify every one of them as the fish Gymnarchus niloticus, because a common name of that fish in the Igbo language is “asa”.

I review all fish that get posted to iNat, and have been seeing a steady stream of random things identified as this fish species when they obviously flowers, birds, etc. These always come from Russia, and I finally enlisted the help of a Russian speaker to investigate, and we eventually figured out that it is the filename matching against the common name.

I have been seeing small groups of observations like this, maybe once every week or two. See

I don’t know if we should just live with this, remove or change the common name on that taxon, or modify the uploader not to match against the filename when it looks like this. But I think choosing one of these courses of action should come from iNat staff, not me.

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