Problems of adding identifications associated with slash (/)



When using phonetic input method to add an identification(^1), many Chinese characters need ㄥsymbol (mapping key is /) to assemble. But the symbol key (/) conflicts with the default shortcut of searching function on iNaturalist. Many Taiwanese people feel frustrated because when we try to add an identification by typing Chinese characters associated with “ㄥ(/)”, the system just remove all of the typed common name characters immediately. Therefore, could it be possible to remove “/” on the identification interface?


Identification interface

Taiwanese bopomofo keyboard

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^1 Most of the Taiwanese iNat users use “bopomofo” input method, which use two and more “bopomofo” symbols to assemble one Chinese character. For example, 紅 (red) is assembled by ㄏ+ ㄨ + ㄥ + ˊ。

^2 User reported video url:

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I think we just fixed this. At the very least, I can enter a / into any identification taxon search field, and I was able to add with ㄏ+ ㄨ + ㄥ + ˊ as you described. Let me know if it’s still not working.

Also, thanks for this report. This is the kind of thing we will probably never notice unless folks in different parts of the world point it out to us.


@kueda Thanks a lot!!!