When searching for taxa, make hyphens optional in iOS app

One minor inconvenience I’ve noticed when inputing an identification on the iOS app is requiring hyphens ( - ) when typing out a common name for a species. I had thought this was necessary across all versions of iNat until I noticed I didn’t need to input hyphens on the website form.

It feels a bit cumbersome to have to switch the keyboard around when typing in a species name, or have the species not recognized, because I missed or need a hyphen. This doesn’t seem to be an issue with the website.

For example, Eastern Spot-billed duck vs Eastern spot billed duck. Both work fine when searching on the internet iNat, but only the former is recognized in the iOS app.

Made an issue here: https://github.com/inaturalist/INaturalistIOS/issues/622

The iOS app doesn’t like punctuation in general. That is why many species with apostrophes are impossible to select on there.

Of course someone else noticed this, thanks for sharing that link :)
Hopefully it can be resolved in the future.

Ah, I see you posted it on Github, sorry not so familiar with how the forums work here. Can’t seem to edit my post either? Either way, thank you for posting it there.

Feature requests are made here on the forum. Once something’s been decided a staff member will make a Github issue. This seemed like a no-brainer (it’s maybe just a bug) so I made an issue for it.

Something related which may also already be a planned future update to iOS app, is show ID suggestions to display as soon as taxa names are even partially typed (like the desktop site does).