Identify page / Focus

A click on “Add ID” in the Identify page should put the focus on the “Species” control text box.
(Just as it does after pressing the key “I”).

A click on “Comment” in the Identify page should put the focus on the " Comment" control text box.
(Just as it does after pressing the key “C”).

I think it’s a recent regression.


I’ve noticed this too while identifying earlier. This has resulted in a lot of erroneous identifications just by identifiers trying to click “Add ID” or “Comment”



I agree. I am used to entering the name right after clicking on “Add ID”. Now there is an additional step of clicking in the text field or pressing “I”. I hope this isn’t intentional and will be reversed.


I am also having this issue too

Same issue here.

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Also same issue for me this morning. Kept just adding a family-level ID that the AI had generated on other people’s photos, when I was trying to add a genus or species name!

Same here! Just started yesterday and is quite annoying.


Screenshot for reference. I have just clicked on ‘Add ID’ and I usually just start immediately typing out a genus or species - but since the ‘species’ box isn’t highlighted, I am just typing into the void OR I hit a key that accidentally makes me agree with the first ID. (I am on google chrome on a Mac btw).


This is due to a recent change in the code. The developers are on Pacific Daylight Time, but I’m sure they’ll address it soon.


I’ve been having the same issue.

I just did this twice, but instead of the first ID, it was the CID.

Yeah, looks like a bug, we’ll take a look. While things like this are usually not browser-related, sometimes they are. Thus it’s often really helpful if you can include your browser when reporting a bug. That’s why the Bug Reports template asks for this information.

Curious: it sounds like you’re using your mouse rather than the keyboard shortcuts on the Identify page?

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I can’t speak for everyone else, but it’s been happening for me on Chrome on a PC.

Personally, I never use the hotkeys (hence why this was driving me batty last night.) Keeping the mouse functional is nice because that way I can zoom into different parts of the images, and move back and forth between literature and my iNat tab. Plus I need to be able to type the Latin names in-- most of my work isn’t agreeing with previous IDs.


If you type i it begins to add an ID and you then type in the name. The hotkeys are an invaluable timesaver for typing in new IDs and not just agreeing. (I’m sure they’ll get it fixed as soon as possible though.)


Same issue here. Chrome on a mac.

… In other news, today I learned that there are hot keys to significantly speed up the process in the identify page.

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Firefox on Ubuntu for me. I’m pretty sure this isn’t a browser-specific bug.

The little keyboard icon in the lower-left corner of the identify modal is easy to overlook, and its purpose isn’t intuitively obvious, but it’s the only way on the interface to discover the keyboard shortcuts. Using the mouse is the main way most identifiers work, especially identifiers who haven’t had any contact with veteran users on the forum.

Maybe tooltips could be added to the interface? E.g. if I hover my mouse over the “Add ID” button for long enough, it could pop up a message which mentions the shortcut key.

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this issue has been tripping me up a lot for the past two days when making ID’s. I’m using both Safari and Chrome on Mac. I’m used to just being able to type the ID in as soon as I click “add ID” in the identification page resulting in accidentally pressing hotkeys. As @bouteloua said, when using the “i” hotkey, it works fine (much faster anyway, I just don’t have that habit engrained as I learned of that hotkey recently).


Alright, this is now fixed, sorry about that!