Profile Pics Degraded


Anyone notice recently that new profile pics tend to be so degraded it looks like an expanded thumbnail? Some users might be doing that deliberately, but so many are like that, I wonder if iNat isn’t accidentally degrading the images.
some examples:

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These may be accounts that have been created using facebook or google. maybe a degraded version of their profile picture is somehow taken from those accounts?


I’ve noticed it, and I feel like everyone that has it happen to them are using the mobile app, so I’m wondering if it’s to do with that? I went to the latest observations by the people you linked and they all seem to be using the mobile app. So maybe when using the mobile app, importing an image to use as a profile picture it gets degraded to only look good for when seen as the small version?


I think it happens to people who upload via the app. The images need to be expanded on the website