Programmatically create new users

I need to create a batch of users in an INaturalist self-hosted server. I saw that in the API documentation it’s possible to do that through a POST to /users. But in the latest version of the swagger (1.3.0) it has dissapeared.

What is the recommended procedure to create them?

Thank you for your help!

welcome to the forum. just to clarify, when you say that you’re trying to create users in a self-hosted server, do you mean that you have a separate instance of the database? are you setting up a dev / test environment?

Thank you for your quick answer.
Yes, I want to run this operations in a test environment.

just out of caution before i help further, what are you attempting to do in your test environment that requires setting up a bunch of users? (and can you also send a screenshot that will show that you actually have a test environment set up?)

(i don’t see an anomalia account set up in iNaturalist, and you just set up this account in the forum. i’m a little surprised that you would be able to set up a test environment but then not be able to add users. so just i’m trying to make sure you’re going to be using this knowledge for good and not evil.)


Thanks. It was for an assignment, I will check the code for the details.

We advise users to create their own accounts manually through or one of our partner websites. A password is required to create an account, and no one but the users themselves should ever have access to their password, which is why users should create their own accounts through the website.


Pardon me for jumping in and doing so rather late, but it sounds like an instructor might have set up an assignment that may run contrary to the site user policies. As an instructor myself, I have made my own share of not entirely completely thought out assignments over the past almost four decades. While I obviously cannot speak for anyone else, I always value students letting me know when I have made an assignment that could use a rethinking.


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