Using test server for trying out curation / moderation

To access the gorilla test server:

You’ll notice some images might be broken and content is outdated, which is normal. It can also be slow.

Since this is just a test server, nothing you do on gorilla will get saved to the main iNaturalist site. On gorilla you can test out curating tasks like the following without fear of “messing things up” on the main iNat site:

  • drafting and committing taxon changes
  • editing atlases and range maps
  • adding or assigning default common names
  • resolving flags
  • suspending users or marking them as spam
  • hiding inappropriate comments

(though @kueda please LMK if any of this is inaccurate)


One minor note, to the above, you have to have and use a dedicated iNaturalist login to access the test server, if you normally access the site via your Google, Facebook or other credentials, those will not work.