Project "Biodiversity of the 50 States" is missing

There’s supposed to be an umbrella project called “Biodiversity of the 50 States” ( that incorporates all the US states and territories and has a link from them (see for instance to see the link), but the link leads only to the 404 error page. Does someone know where the umbrella project is, or can it be reconstructed? Thanks

How about asking the creator of all those projects about the umbrella project? Maybe they added the wrong link to the single states project? Or for some reason deleted the umbrella project?

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There’s no such project unless it was renamed, maybe because it wouldn’t work well with so many observations and filters? Big umbrella projects are really not doing well these days on iNat. Try contacting a creator of separate projects.

It used to be a big umbrella project with projects for all 50 states within it. Interestingly all 50 of those “sub-projects” still exist, just not the umbrella one.

Thanks everyone, I wrote to the creator to see if they can fix it.

Yeah, I got it from the post and I saw all other projects when I searched for umbrella.) I just assumed it could be an accident or deliberate deleting if project stopped opening.

I think it’s been like that for about a year

New Jersey’s has been missing for months.

@zoology123 created this project a while ago but decided at some point in the past year that it wasn’t worth keeping because the umbrella project page was so laggy that it was unusable. I don’t know if people with better systems were able to load and use the umbrella project page but I assumed it was an issue on iNaturalist’s end with loading so many sub-projects and observations. I recall zoology123 was also trying to find other people who might be willing to take control of any of the state projects, so contact him if you’re interested in that.


Yeah, I’m sure this is slowness on iNat’s end, not the end-user’s.

Sadly no, big umbrellas are just not in great state nowadays which you can check on other ones that still exist.

The downside of iNat’s growth – when the number of observations grows so huge so fast, an umbrella project will grow bigger than it can handle being. Think of trying to publish Wikipedia as a set of actual print encyclopedias.


Thing is it’s connected with amount of filters in each project under umbrella, not only number of observations (but them too), so in theory it should be fixable.

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