Umbrella Project not showing 1 project on map

The umbrella project Nature and Plastic ( is not showing the project NZ Marine Nature and Plastic - blue - top of leader board) on the global map, but all of the others are showing.

How do I fix this?

Thank you for your time.

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The observations are clearly on the map, but I’m guessing because the marine project has the exact same boundaries as NZ Terrestrial Nature and Plastic, the title is just underneath that one.

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Thank you. When the project was first set up there was only the NZ ones and both the names showed up, but in the meantime I will find out from the AU and SA ones how they did theirs and if their boundaries for their two are the same.

Ok, it was because they both had the same area, when I changed the Terrestrial NZ to country and Marine to zone it does sort of show, which is better than not showing. Thought I would put the solution here in case anyone in the future has the same issue.

For AU (Australia) and SA (South Africa) they both show clearly as there is a big difference between their country area and zone area.