Project description web links don't appear on iOS app

I’m working on a project page for an upcoming bioblitz, and in the project description (“About” section) I included links to both an external web site and to two project journal posts. (This project: These links work on the web site and on the Android app, but on the iOS app they appear as plain text, unclickable. I’m not sure if this is a feature/bug of the iOS app or if maybe I’m doing something wrong. I’ve tried putting them in as both markdown formatting and with html <a> tags. With markdown, the iOS app shows the full markdown code; with the html tags, it only shows the text links, so apparently partly processes the tag but doesn’t create the link.

Has anyone else come across this? Is there a workaround on iOS?

I also checked on links in journal posts (under “News” in iOS app) - these work on iOS as expected for both mardown and html formatting, so the problem is just in the “About” section.

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