View map for Projects on the mobile apps

One can search and find a project on the mobile app (mine is iOS on an iPhoneX), but the results appear to be shown only in Grid view. This doesn’t make sense to me. I’d like to see the map extent of a Project, and I’d like to be able to make a Project that can be used as a self-guided nature trail, which would require a map. So can we get a Map view for Projects on the App? Or am I missing something and it’s there already?

I rarely look at projects within the app, so I wasn’t quite sure what you were referring to about grid view (vs. the new “gridded” orange maps that just rolled out). Here are some screenshots to illustrate what they look like in the apps right now.


(observations in grid view)


(no option to view map that I can see)

You can go to Explore> and use the Projects filter to show them on a map (in Android at least, sorry, someone took his phone back :), but it would be great to have a map view link from within the Projects tab itself.

Thanks, @bouteloua. I feel stupid because I actually knew you could find a project map from the Explore tab (works on iOS too) and forgot it when I was looking in the More tab. But a map view link from within the Projects tab would be intuitive (both would be best). I don’t think I need it as a feature request unless others get excited about it.


Some sort basic Overview page like the website sounds like a reasonable addition to me!


FWIW, in the Android app you can scroll to the bottom of the observations on the project detail view and you’ll see a button to “SEE MORE OBSERVATIONS” which will open Explore filtered by the project, which includes a map. I think that serves the purpose of seeing the geographic extent of the project. The self-guided nature trail use case… probably isn’t the best use of projects, or of iNat, IMO, b/c to do it well you really need control. I’ve definitely seen multiple products over the years that provide for exactly this use case, though the only one I’m finding after a quick search is (I’m sure there are others if folks have suggestions).


That feature (opening to a map) sounds like something I would use often, but I’m on Apple iOS. I’ve heard several times that the Apple app lacks a bunch of features that are on Android. We’re waiting! Thanks

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