Project display fault

On Firefox my project has an error.
The fourth image has slipped to occupy all of a second row as a full width highly magnified strip.
Can this be fixed please, it makes it difficult to use.

The project seems to be displaying correctly for me (Firefox 118.0.1 (64-bit) on Windows).

For bug reports, please fill out the template with as much info as you can to assist in diagnosis.

In this case, it will help to know what device you’re using, what version of Firefox, and a screenshot would likely communicate what the issue is better.

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it’s ‘fixed’ now because someone added a new record that went into the project a few hours ago, so the offending image has now been bumped out of the top four. It was this one:

before that Psila record got added today, it was on this screen as the 4th image, but instead of being in the position where the more zoomed out Micropeza is right now, it was beneath the other three taking up an entire row by itself where my red rectangle is