Differences in observations displayed in the project and in preview for the project

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There are 2 observation difference between the observations listed in Preview (66) and observations listed from within the project (64). The expected number of observations is 66. The two observations missing in the project view are for the same plant - Purple Pitcher Plant - is there something special about this plant that prevents it to be shown through the project (white still being shown in the project preview)?

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Yes, this species is Vulnerable and has its locations obscured. Everyone who does not have permission to see the true coordinates sees 64 in both places, but you have permission, so you can see 66 in some places. (In theory, you should see 66 everywhere, but the implementation isn’t the same across the whole site, which results in inconsistent counts.)

See more about location obscuring here: https://www.inaturalist.org/pages/help#placeindex