Project does not display info

This is an umbrella project with multiple collection projects. At some point it stopped loading the information (obs, sp, id, obsrs).

It’s not an internet connection problem.
I have tried to load it in multiple browsers Mozilla, Chrome, Edge, the result is the same

Hmm, it doesn’t work for me via either. That is a pretty complex umbrella with 51 subprojects so I wonder if that is part of the issue.

I came to think about it, but the CNCs are more complex and load without problem.

Big umbrella projects are not loading since spring, there’s nothing you can do until iNat as a website will be changed, so either reorganise the project, make duplicate as collectional or just wait, there’s nothing that could be done, but you can try to use less filters, like in an example of this thread:


This is probably due to the scaling issues iNat is experiencing overall (and one reason we’re hiring a Systems Architect). However,

Is not exactly true. For one,

CNC subprojects don’t have taxon rules like these subprojects do, eg:

I’d remove those rules and just have no taxon rules there since it looks like you want basically all taxa in the projects. Those are four redundant filters on each subproject. I can’t guarantee that will help this umbrella project load, but it might help and it will definitely make the subproject pages load more quickly.

Also, the recent CNC umbrella projects (eg don’t load for me. They spin endlessly. They’re just too big.


Thanks for your comment, I’ve been checking the other topic. I will also try the solution of tiwane

Thanks for this information, I´m going to remove those filters that are redundant to see if it makes a change, which I hope so.

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Hi everyone, thank you very much for your comments. Now the data is displayed without problems.

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