Umbrella project displays message about missing taxa, places, etc

This is our first “umbrella” project.

When I created the project the following pop-up is displayed. This was before I had my first collection defined. There are two issues I see:

  1. Observation Requirements for Umbrella Projects should clearly state the requirements are inherited from the collection project.
  2. The pop-up should also be relevant to the Umbrella, in this instance either a collection project is missing or the collection project does not contain taxa, places, users, and/or dates.
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Can you please share a screenshot of the pop-up, and the URL of the project?

It looks like that is a traditional style project, not an umbrella project. Can you share a screenshot of the issue you’re experiencing?

i suspect the umbrella project is actually this one, created May 31, 2019: Ocean Sanctuaries’ Snapshot Cal Coast 2019 · iNaturalist.

i don’t see anything obviously wrong, and the user hasn’t been active on the forum for a while now. maybe it’s time to close this, since there’s not much further investigation that can be done without additional information?