Setting Boundary of Project

Folks I am setting up a city-wide project but can’t seem to be able to specify the city as the limits of the project? The drop down for our location does not offer this area (Springfield, MASS)…What am I doing wrong?

I don’t see an iNat place for it:✓&q=Springfield%2C+ma&commit=Go&source[]=places

You need to create a place for your city, you have enough obs for that, what you need is to find a kml (or similar format that can be changed to kml) file of city boundaries and then in tab for places (under Other in page header) create a new place.

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Easiest way to do that is to draw them in on Google Earth (not Google Maps, but that can work too), then “Save As”, and upload to iNat from the saved file.

I do this a lot for a variety of purposes.

Google Earth will also accept shp files (if you run across an appropriate one) and you can save it as a KML from Google Earth. That’s just about the easiest way for most people to convert them.

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iNat does already have a place for Springfield, MA, but it lacks boundaries and it’s admin level 3 and thus only editable by staff.

@tiwane I found a kml from the city website, can you add it as the boundary to the existing place please?


Ok, Springfield is all set. Thanks @tiwane!

Thanks to all!


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