Project Invitations

I have a few people in mind that I would like to send invites to for a project, but the administrator on the project has already sent out about 20 pages of invites and I am not even sure if she remembers or has a list of everyone invited. I don’t want to spam people about it - is there any way to search or sort names of people already invited to a project so you don’t invite them again?

Barring this, I might just wait a couple of months ( would that be an appropriate period of time?) and then invite again.

i’ve never done it myself, but if the invitations were sent via a traditional project’s invitation function, the admin should be able to see a list of pending invitations, i think. if invitations were done via private messages, then you could check sent message history.

How many is a few?
You can leave a comment with an invitation on one of their suitable obs.
But, you know. Only once.

Yes, I can see the list, but I didn’t really want to go through a list of 20 pages name by name to see if the ones I am interested in are there already. I was hoping for a quicker way.

I thought about a message - it would have the benefit of not being lost among the notifications ( I imagine project invites are directed to notifications?). But I’d really rather not copy someone else’s work in either respect.

i would pull out the 20 pages into a spreadsheet and compare that list against a list of names that i’m interested in. something like that.

I guess that is the only way…it’s not too bad but still kind of clumsy. I was thinking of making a feature request to give the project curator a notice when the person has already been invited, but maybe it is too trivial.

i’ve never tried before, but if you’ve already invited someone and you invite them again, does it actually send another invitation?

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