Invites for a traditional project

I made a traditional project that I want to be for invite only members, but for the life of me, I can’t seem to find a way to well, invite anyone. How do you send those out?


On the right of the project, the last option on the green background.

I don’t have that. I only see Terms & Rules | Edit Project.

It’s lower.


That’s odd, I don’t have any of the Project Curator Tools on mine.

can you post the link to the project

It’s found on each traditional project, I guess if you set it up, it should be there.

This is what I’m seeing.

You’re not set as curator it seems, only shown as administrator of the project, go to members and see if there’s an option.

I checked there, but there isn’t an option to set me as a Curator, I assumed it was because I’m the Admin, I thought could do everything a Curator can do.

When I check my projects I’m either a manager or curator and see an option to make other people so, as administrator you should be able to do that.

On invite only there’s also an additional link to invite people, maybe check other settings, try turning things on and off if there’s no options to make yourself a curator or manager.

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It looks like I can’t do any of that. It gives me no options.

What about Edit? Can you withdraw yourself from administrators there? Or do anything else?

There’s not a lot I can do in there, I can change the observation fields, delete the project, ect. But nothing with changing an observers settings.

Well, unless someone knows how to make you a curator, it’s easier to restart the project and see if it saves ok.

Well, I’ll keep at it. Thanks.

Well, what is apparently the turn-it-off-and-back-on equivalent, I re-made the project and this time for whatever reason, I was listed as a member right at the start (last time I had to join), and I’m listed as a manager and admin. So the old one is deleted, and I’m in business now. Thanks again.


for what it’s worth, something similar was noted recently: so whatever happened here might not be an isolated problem, though i’m not sure what exactly would have caused the issue.

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Nice thread. A lot of times with bug reports I have a hard time figuring out what is being meant, but your back-and-forth with illustrations was very clear and fun to read. Glad it was solved in the end.


One similar question, is there anything that a non-curator user who creates a project can’t do that they would otherwise be able to do if they were a curator? Also, is “project curator” related or unrelated to iNat curators?