Project journal entries are not going out to members

As coordinator of an iNat project (Mount Holly Biodiversity) I have been writing journal entries but find they are not going out to members and not even to myself. All settings seem correct, including my own. What needs to get checked or changed to make this function work?

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Could you clarify what you mean by not going out to members? Do you mean it’s not appearing on the dashboard of users who are members in the project?


Users are not getting notifcations from project journals.


I mean that no members or participants of the project are receiving the journal articles by email, text, or any format. Neither do either project administrators or another member who is trying to help.

Users need to opt-in to receive notifications. I am pretty sure this is turned off by default, and I’d like to keep in this way.

However, if they’re opted in and are not getting a notification, that would be a bug.

To my knowledge though, these posts only appear as a notification (if the person has opted-in), and on the dashboard of users, which they may or may not see. (I know I rarely browse the iNat dashboard, and I suspect some people may not use it at all, so the chance of someone seeing it that way may be quite low.)

The project journal system is not really a good medium to use if it is important that members or participants read the material. Notifications are quickly buried, especially if they are sent to users like me who sometimes log in and have 10+ notifications, and might have come to the site for some other reason and thus don’t have time to sort through all of them at the time.

There’s an ongoing issue and notifications are not shown for users who opted in the option, now our local big project just tags everyone who agreed on that and that way notifictions are coming, notifications worked just fine about a couple months ago and were hard to miss as they stand out.

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Looks like the most recent journal post for that project was on January 6th. We released a fix for this issue a week or so after that. So it should be working now, although it’s of course possible there are still bugs with the functionality.

I’d be curious to know what happens if you write a journal post now. I’ve joined the project so I should be notified of any new journal posts.

Notifications about project journal posts should currently all be opt-out, not opt-in.

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It didn’t work after that fix (as some people commented under some journal posts), likely not working now too.

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Thanks, I’ll do a new journal post soon to see if the bug fix worked. All members that have opted in the received posts have confirmed that none were received, including myself. I receive regular posts from other projects so it seems to work for some (Vermont Atlas of Life).

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I have a similar question: is there a way of making a journal entry “sticky” so it persists as a navigational aid for members of a Project? I see that the Elmer Oliver project has figured out a way to get the most recent journal entry on the project home page - but I assume that a newer journal entry would blow it away. Ideas?

Thanks so much!
Zaide Schneider
False Creek Friends (Vancouver Canada)

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