Project Posts Not Being Notified

I’m both a Member and an Admin of a Project, but posts by others to that Project are not reported to my dashboard.
When joining a Project, there is an option to ‘Receive Notifications’ … I presume I must have indicated ‘No’ at the time. If that’s the case, I now want to change that selection but I can’t see how this can be done.
If the option is not available, then I think this is a ‘bug’ … if it is available, it may need to be made more visible.

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I assume you mean this setting? It’s not very clear, but “updates” refers only to journal posts by the project. Notifications are not sent when observations are added to a project you are receiving notifications from.

If you go to the the project page of a Traditional project and click on “Your Membership” you can edit notifications settings and geoprivacy settings. For a collection project, there isn’t a great way to check your notifications setting.

Thanks tiwane … that answers my question! :grinning:

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