Project Management Challenges

I find myself in a unique and frustrating situation. I am a volunteer for a local state park and in the process of developing and preparing to implement a Bioblitz in 2024. In that pursuit, I, at the Park’s request, developed a project for the event in iNaturalist on August 29, 2023 using the Parks account including their username and password. The project is located at: Subsequent to establishing the project, I proceeded, on September 4, 2023 to edit some of the project information. Unfortunately, iNaturalist initiated new login procedures effective September 2, 2023. Thus, I was not able to login to the Park’s account to complete the editing. Moreover, the Park’s staff person whom established their account left the Park approximately a year or so ago. The username, password and the staff persons’ email address became invalid subsequent to her departure. After consulting with iNaturalist help staff and the Park Superintendent, I proceeded to develop a new project in the Park’s new account. In that pursuit, I found that I could not use the same title as the one established in the Park’s old account. Thus, I established a new project name and applied all the remaining characteristics included in the initial project. I now would like to take down the original project referenced above in order to avoid any confusion of any potential participants. I will appreciate any suggestions about how I might proceed to take the old project down.

I think this post is a good start as you have laid out the issue clearly. I bet the staff will get back to you to help you out manually.


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