Looking for Tennessee State Park iNaturalist Users


I’m a graduate student in the Information Sciences program at UT-Knoxville, and I’m working on a field project with my classmate for our Social Informatics class. We’re examining TN State Park’s bioblitz and their adoption of the iNaturalist app. Our assignment requires us to interview five park employees and five park visitors who have participated in the bioblitz.

Our research will not be published, just used for our class assignment.

If you’re a park employee or visitor who has used the iNaturalist app and wouldn’t mind being interviewed, please send me an email at: lgwyn@vols.utk.edu.

The interview process is short and sweet…just a few questions emailed to you.




I think you can find a list of participants here:

You can click on their name and use the Message feature to send them a private message.

(This is an international forum so probably better to narrow your search to people who’ve participated in the project.)



Thank you so much, bouteloua! I’ll try contacting a few participants from the list you provided.