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Hi everyone,
I’ve been tasked at work with creating a new project for a Bioblitz in our area. I’m required to keep personal and work activities seperate. For example, I can’t use my personal email address for work-related activities. Similarly, I need a professional work account in order to run this Bioblitz. However, in order to create this project on iNat, I need to show that I know how to use the site by providing 50 observations. My new account won’t have this. Is there a way I can transfer observations from one account to another? I know that it is not acceptable to post one observation on two accounts, and definitely not acceptable to have these two accounts interact with each other. Does anyone have an idea of how to handle this? Thank you for your help!

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Can you create a project with your current account and make a new account a moderator? As I remember you can even make another user a project owner, not sure if the rule of 50 applies for this workaround.


This may be an unpopular opinion, but you could make 50 new observations with your new work account. Realistically, it might be faster than trying to find a solution (that may not exist) on iNatForum.


Hi Stephanie - if I’m remembering correctly, there aren’t any minimum activity requirements to create a collection project, which is probably the type of project you want to create since it will automatically add qualifying bioblitz observations to it. More info at


This is possible. I have done something similar for last CNC.

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Thanks! I must have thought that that this requirement applied to project creation too, instead of other things (i.e. creating a new place). That’s a relief. Thanks for your help.

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One last thing - Is there someplace I could go for technical help uploading a photo that gets automatically cropped to the wrong size? Thanks.

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Is that for the project? If you can make your banner image 760px by 320px it should show up OK. If not, it could be a bug? But feel free to post screenshots and stuff here or in a new topic for help.

Yes - for the icon. The banner looks just the way I want it, which is lovely. I’ll try making the image smaller, like you said. I might also have to figure out how to make it square?

Here’s what the banner and icon look like now:

You can barely see the icon in the banner + icon image. Here’s what I’m hoping you’d be able to see:

I really appreciate all your help!

Yep! Here are the suggestions for project icons. Starting off with a square will get a better result. Though with two logos they’ll be super tiny. It might be better to put the logos on top of your banner image instead.

Should be a minimum of 72px x 72px and will be cropped to a square.

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Thank you!

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