Trouble selecting project to add observations to

Kia ora iNat whānau,

I seem to be having trouble connecting some of my observations to a project and I just wondered if anyone else had experienced this issue before?

Thanks for your help in advance, I appreciate it.

Can you provide a link to or name of a project that you’re having trouble adding an observation to, and an observation that isn’t appearing in that project? Note that observations can’t be manually added to “collection” projects, they just either meet the criteria of the project and are automatically included, or they don’t.

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Aha, that might be the issue, I think it’s a collection project. The name of the project is ‘Rakiura HMB School Te Rerenga Rauropi Conservation Week 2019’ and I have a mistletoe observation that is not connecting tot he project.

Thanks heaps for your help, I appreciate it.

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native mistletoes might be listed as vulnerable, so the location becomes obscured. If that is the case, and the collection project has a place as a filter, then the collection project likely won’t pick it up automatically. The only effective way around that, that I know of, is to make an umbrella project the main project page, and have it aggregate both a collection project for the place and a traditional project that you can manually add the obscured obs to.

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Ok, roger that, thank you, I appreciate it.

Kia pai tō rā/have a good day.

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Ko taku pai

Kia pai to “taio” (bioblitz)
pārekareka ki to “aromatawai koiora” (bioblitz)

[don’t trust google translate! I had someone correct me on that today!]

You have a couple that aren’t part of that project, and I think it is because the accuracy on those is listed as 19 miles as opposed to “not recorded”.

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