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Description of problem:
I have created and am managing a place-based project that is designed to only collect observations of certain tree species. I hosted a launch event last week that was very successful and ended with 15 observations. However, now, 8 days later, despite having reports that folks have continued to collect observations, they are not showing up in the Project. Further, when I attempt to update observations (i.e. confirm species ID) these changes do not save and do not appear in the Project. Does anyone have any advice on how to fix this?

Step 1: Created project using the following parameters:
Include Taxa: Custom list of native tree species
Exclude Taxa: Birds & Animals
Include Places: Pender Island, BC, CA
Exclude Places: None
Include Users: n.a
Exclude Users: n.a

The Project Members Only box is ticked
All Data qualities are allowed (i.e. all boxes ticked)
Media Type: Only photos are required
Establishment Means: Any
Date Observed: date ranges are set between 2020 09 16 and 2021 09 16 with no times specified

Step 2: Hosted an event during which 16 members joined the project and were able to add their observations to the registry with no problems

Step 3: One day later I began having issues attempting to upgrade observations from casual to research grade ID. These have continued until today.

Can you provide a link to an observation (or a few) that you would expect to see in the project, but don’t?

Also, since collection projects like this one simply display all observations that meet the filters, and you are focusing particularly on trees of a certain size, you might want to consider using a Traditional project instead. That is, your current project would simply show all those tree species observations by the project members in that area/timespan no matter what size they are, seedling or giant. More info here:

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Yes, for example:

This Pacific Yew was observed the day after our project launch:

Though Pacific Yew is a species that has been included in our Taxa list, was observed in the correct place, and observed by someone who is a member, it doesn’t appear in the Big Tree Registry Project.

That observation has obscured geoprivacy. See this FAQ item:

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Great! Thanks for the help… is there a way to convert from a Collection to a Traditional Project and save the observations that have already been made?

Unfortunately I don’t think there is a way to convert the existing one to a traditional project.