Users not appearing in project

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Platform: Website

App version number: N/A

Browser: Chrome -120.0.6099.130 (Official Build) (64-bit)

URLs: Project -

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Description of problem: I have created a project that will collect observations for a specific day (2023-12-16). I have two users, karenbennetts & w_david, who have joined the project. However, the observations these two people made on the day are not being swept up in the project.


The observations are within the project “Place” - Gresswell Forest Wildlife Reserve
and are for the correct day. Also as they joined the project, the Project Name should appear as a tag on the project but its not.


Not sure why this occurring.

Any assistance you can provide would be appreciated.



Step 3:

Their observations are not in the project because the accuracy value associated with each ob’s coordinates is too large, and is breaking the borders of the place. Eg that first spider observation, the accuracy value is 388 m, and easily exits multiple edges of the defined area. They need to reduce this value, and they will appear in the project