Help needed with adding my observation to a project?

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I don’t know why my observation with the boundaries of the project can not be added in. If you know any solutions, I will be very appreciated! Thanks!


I see it there now, but did see it wasn’t there before, don’t know what happened. Welcome to the forum!

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This is a collection project, so observations cannot be manually added or removed from it - your observations will appear in it if they meet all the requirements - no need to take the extra step of adding them. :-) It can take up to 2 minutes or so for them to show up in the project.

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if the observation is identified by other users after the establishment of the project, it will shows in it; and also if I upload observation after the establishment of the project, it will shows in it. But many other my observations which uploaded before the establishment of the project still can not show in it now. Such as
Those observations meet all the project requirements.

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yap, it is there now because it got new identification, I think because of the new identification, the state of this observation refreshed. Thanks

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No, it’s easier, that observation is not in the place boundaries set for the project.

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Thanks, you are right. I have reset the place boundaries, the default radius of observation is out of the boundary, so they can not be shown. Thanks for your help!