Projects, adding an existing place for the second time

Platform ( Website):
Adding an extra place to a project which seems to exist already for this project

Browser, if a website issue ( Chrome) :
Screenshots of what you are seeing

Description of problem
The text contains code, not readable

Hi @optilete, can you provide a step-by-step process to generate the error? Are you trying to add a place thatt is already on the project? Or are you trying to add a new place and receiving the error?

This issue is not about the error but about the presentation of the error: the error text is not clear. I should replace project_observation_rules.operator with the name of the place which is added for the second time.

I’m trying to help documenting the issue, which includes identifying when exactly the incorrect text is displayed. When I try to add a place twice to a collection project, nothing happens. Providing step by step instructions helps with diagnosing and resolving issues.

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