Places not available for new projects

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Step 1: The place shows up as existing, but I can’t make the project using it. I’ve tried changing the parent to all the higher levels for the place, but I can’t see it (and I can’t show you what I see because I can only upload one screenshot). The place isn’t there in the ‘Observation Requirements’ ‘Include places’ choices. I know I’ve done this before for other projects. What’s wrong?
Step 2:

Step 3:

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I’m not totally sure what the problem is, but I can confirm it’s happening to me too. Using the place search on the new project page or on Explore does’t bring up LSU Bird Refuge, but it does show up in a header search.

Update – so the proximate reason it wasn’t coming up in a search was because it thought it had no geometry:


The reason it thought it had no geometry was because the boundary was kind of wonky if you zoomed in really close:

I cleaned up that corner and re-uploaded the boundary, and now it’s searchable.


Thanks, that worked. The problem was that I dragged my mouse rather than clicking on that corner where you cleaned it up.

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