Adding a newly created Place to a Project, cannot combine?

Hello! Fairly new participant here. I have started a project for where I work. I was finally able to add my work campus as a Place but when I try to add the place to my existing project, all my observations go to zero. Is there a way to incorporate the two together? I am probably missing something simple but would appreciate some guidance. Thank you!

Is this the project?

Can you link to the place? Sometimes it takes new places a few minutes to populate observations.

Yes it is! I named the Place the same thing!
I was trying to keep it simple.

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Yep! Just like I thought, it was something super simple, it just needed more time!!
Thank you so much!


OK it looks like the place has a lot of your observations in it. It was just created today, so there may have been a delay. Can you try adding it as a project requirement again?

Oops missed you already did that. Glad you figured it out!

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