Projects that require geoprivacy to be obscured or private -- are they possible?

We would like to set up some projects to keep track of taxa observed on forays/walks, but we want to ensure that the exact locations of our forays are not visible to the public. Is there a way to ensure that only observations with obscured or private geoprivacy can be added to a project?


If it’s just you adding observations, and you are making sure you are marking the geoprivacy as obscured/private, you could use a Collection project. But if you are relying on other people to remember to adjust their geoprivacy, the only way to ensure a project only includes obscured/private observations if if you manually add them to a Traditional Project.


i would like to have this for the traditional project i use to track observations at my house because i obscure those and every once in a while i forget. not a big deal though in that case. But i think it could be a good feature (or conversely projects that don’t accept obscured observations)

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We (the Mycological Society of Toronto) want our members to be able to contribute observations to projects without revealing the locations where we’ve gone on walks/forays together.

We will repost this as a feature request.

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