Projects' titles are cut off in user profile

Something weird is happen with projects’ page now. Almost every title is shrinked and there is no other way to understand what’s project it is but trying to guess by avatar or open the project page.
The most annoying thing is there is enough place to show full title.

Look to the screenshot. I have not so many projects but nevertheless I have a few doubles, as well as tees with neutered strings. 17 letters is obviously not enought for project name. It is Ok if long string will be wrapped.

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Browser, if a website issue (Firefox, Chrome, etc) : Any

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Step 1: Open the page with user projects.

Step 2: Try to find some project by its name

Step 3: Look to the same names of the projects because of shrinking.


I’ve looked through the github and find the problem place.
%h4= link_to truncate( strip_tags( project.title ), length: 20 )
Also 60 symbols for project description is not enough,
= h truncate( strip_tags( project.description ), length: 60 )

@loarie, as author of the commit, could you do something with it?

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