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Recently project pages underwent some changes, I’m ok that long list of projects you administrate is now divided on different pages, but that list is not in alphabetical order, using this list was easier than typing the whole name in a main page for projects, so could it be possible to make a search option with dropdown (similar to choosing taxon) but for this list?
As you see I have 8 pages now, with only 7 projects on each, and projects are shown in order new>old, but my memory is definitely not good enough to remember it.

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I agree, this was definitely not an improvement! Please show the complete project title. Also I would MUCH prefer a scrollable list rather than going page by page.


Would sorting this list alphabetically be helpful? That should at least allow you to narrow down which page the project is likely on.

Sure, it would be better, though not ideal.

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These should be in alphabetical order now. Not sure how that’s looking for your projects @marina_gorbunova, since some have English names and others are in Russian.

Very unlikely that we’ll add a search functionality there.

What about the time idea of scrolling that was proposed by @janetwright? Is it possible to do?
Thank you, it’s much better now, English names first, Russian after them, at least now I can easily remember what’s on each page!


scrolling means that you can use CONTROL-F to search ? Then that could be a versatile way


I don’t know how coding works in this case, if it is be possible, yes, sure.

That was a help, but I still have problems with the truncated project names. Unfortunately I named a bunch of my projects with similar beginning (“Smilax Q.”) (thinking this would cleverly keep them together) and now I can’t tell which is which in the list. At least could we make the whole name show if you hover over it? (Yes, I did see that the URL shows in tiny print in the lower corner when you hover.)