Protocarnivory in Erythranthe?

I happened to be reading the Wikipedia article for Erythranthe and noticed the offhand line, " At least E. lewisii is known to possess flypaper-type traps and is apparently protocarnivorous, supplementing its nutrients with small insects."

This sounded fascinating and I tried to learn more. The Wikipedia citation is to a general biology textbook, which I haven’t been able to find and am somewhat skeptical contains much detail. A Google search mostly turns up other pages repeating the same Wikipedia claim. Looking for papers, I found a 1999 paper in the International Journal of Plant Sciences, “Evidence of Protocarnivorous Capabilities in Geranium viscosissimum and Potentilla arguta and Other Sticky Plants” that found evidence of proteinase activity on E. lewisii stems and calyx, but I couldn’t find anything to support the strong statement made on the Wikipedia page, for E. lewisii or any other species in Erythranthe. Does anyone know of any work in this area?


This paper, which is available online, has a nice overview of the idea of a strategy of carrion-provisioning defense in a related species: “The three criteria for resistance by plant carrion-provisioning: insect entrapment and predator enrichment on Mimulus bolanderi


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