Prunus laurocerasus wild and invasive in Germany

I have entered two observations of Prunus laurocerasus - and the system is classifying them as planted! But they are wild! Prunus laurocerasus is an invasive plant in some parts of Germany. It makes no sense to classify them as planted if they are obviously “wild” and even “invasive” (more Info about Prunus laurocerasus in Germany can be found in Flora Germanica (2022) Band 2, page 766 ) How can this be changed ?

“The system will vote that the observation is not wild/naturalized if there are at least 10 other observations of a genus or lower in the smallest county-, state-, or country-equivalent place that contains this observation and 80% or more of those observations have been marked as not wild/naturalized.”

(from the little infomatic one gets when one clicks on the blue i next to the Data Quality Assessment)

If you disagree with the DQA of a particular Observation, toggle the opposing vote to neutralize the system’s automatic vote.

If it is a particular taxon that needs reviewing, though, I am not sure how to effect that.


I’m guessing the system may have marked them cultivated because over 80% of observations of it in your area are marked that way. You can override this by marking it wild and I would also add a note or comment to the observation to let other identifiers know so they are aware and don’t mark it cultivated again.

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thanks for the response! Ciao! C.N.

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