Naturalized observation coming up as casual


I have an observation that is a common cultivar (Arbutus unedo), but it is actually growing naturalized:

It’s marked as “casual” and I can’t add a vote to “organism is wild.”
Anyone know what’s up with this?



“The system will vote that the observation is not wild/naturalized if there are at least 10 other observations of a genus or lower in the smallest county-, state-, or country-equivalent place that contains this observation and 80% or more of those observations have been marked as not wild/naturalized.”

I was able to mark it as wild.



Yeah, @graysquirrel you can also add a Yes vote to the Organism is Wild part of the Data Quality Assessment to counteract this automatic vote.

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@graysquirrel I just voted “Yes” to “Organism is wild” too. It looks like an important observation. And pull it out if you’re passing it again.