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I and other volunteers are contributing to a Project page-Austin Memorial Park Cemetery-AMP to record various species in a meadow there. There will be a QR sign where the public can learn about what they are seeing in the wildflower meadow/prairie. Is it possible to put a link on the QR landing page for the Project page?

Not 100% sure if I’m understanding your question, but are you trying to make a QR code on the physical sign go to the project homepage, https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/austin-memorial-park-cemetery-amp?

In Chrome, you can easily create a QR code to any webpage by right clicking and selecting “Create QR Code for this page”. There are also other free websites that allow QR code creation, but some of them are freemium models so you have to be sure to read the fine print.



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Those are not what I’m asking about. The QR code sign will link to a city Parks and Rec landing page that is specifically for the wildflower meadow. Can a link be put on the landing page that opens the iNat Project page for the public?

No, I do not want to create a QR code for the iNat project. The QR code sign is a city Parks and Rec QR sign that will direct people to a Parks & Rec page that is specific to the area where photos/id’s can be viewed by the public. I am asking whether and how a link to the iNat project can be placed on the city’s landing page. Thanks!

It sounds like you may need to speak with the person who manages the city’s parks and rec webpages. You can provide them the project URL so that they can create the link. (https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/austin-memorial-park-cemetery-amp)

If I understand you right, you want a publicly-viewable link (i.e. without signing in) to the project homepage. Is that right?

Thank you! I am in contact with the landing page person. So, will the link open for anyone without an iNat account?

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Yes, that is correct!

Yep, it will work for anyone. You can test it out by logging out of your iNaturalist account. Everything appears pretty much the same (except for example, the option to “Join” the project in the top right corner requires you to be signed in).

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Looking over your project settings, I’d also suggest removing the items underneath “Taxa”. If you remove those filters, it will default to showing all species/taxa. Right now, the project settings exclude fungi, amphibians, insects (other than bees/odonates/lepidoptera), and other forms of life.

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Thank you! I was actually thinking that it might be better (for both volunteers and viewers with special interests) if there were separate projects for AMP butterflies, AMP insects, AMP plants, AMP birds (although eBird may be used instead).

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